About Woolford Scott

I grew up in a musical family and was taught to play guitar from the age of eight by my father.

As a solo artist, and with my band, I can usually be found playing somewhere around Northampton / Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

I'm very proud of the band I have now. We've been together for a few years and have built up a base of loyal fans, who can quite often be seen singing along to our songs and enjoying the gigs with us.

My debut EP - "Promises" was released in 2016 and has sold well, often being played on local radio stations. I'm presently writing the final songs for my first album and will be hitting the recording studio shortly to begin the exciting work of bringing my heart and soul to your music players.

Look me up on your favourite digital platform, or head over to the store to purchase a physical CD (yes, some people do still want those!)

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